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Montréal, October 29, 1999 - The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Greater Montréal, Louise Harel, and the Minister of Transport, Minister for Native Affairs and Minister responsible for Wildlife and Parks, Guy Chevrette, announced today that the Québec government supports Montréal's bid to host the 4th World Festival of Traditional Sports and Games in 2004.

This world event provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase not only the traditional Québec sports and games, but also those of the Amerindians and the Inuit, as well as their languages, traditions and other cultural treasures.

"Aboriginal people are becoming an increasingly dynamic presence in the Greater Montréal area," Minister Louise Harel noted. "If Montréal is selected, the representatives of the First Nations will host a major international event. Athletes from 50 countries will come to Montréal to compete in unusual disciplines. Aside from economic and tourism spinoff, the Greater Montréal area will be enriched by these cultural exchanges, which will appeal to people of all ages."

Minister Guy Chevrette noted: "I am all the happier to support Montréal's bid since Internationaux du sport de Montréal have taken the magnificent initiative of associating aboriginal people not only in the bid, but in the very theme of Montréal's proposal. This international event will enable Quebecers to become more familiar with the traditional sports and games of many countries and especially those of Québec, including the traditional sports and games of the aboriginal nations which have announced their participation," the Minister said. In addition, the aboriginal and non-aboriginal young people from Québec will be brought into contact with basic aspects of their own traditions.".

The event will attract thousands of visitors and contribute not only to the economy of Montréal, but to that of all of Québec. This world festival of traditional sports and games will give Quebecers, especially young people, a chance to become more familiar with the sports and games of their respective culture and many other cultures from around the world.

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Sources: Renée-Claude Boivin
Press Officer
Officer of Minister Louise Harel
(418) 691-2050
Esther Boily
Office of Minister Guy Chevrette
(418) 643-6980
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