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QUÉBEC CITY, August 25, 2000 - As part of the process set out in the Lac-Barrière Trilateral Agreement signed in 1991, special representatives of the Government of Québec, the federal government and the Council of the Algonquins of Barrière Lake met yesterday to take stock of the situation concerning forestry operations in the Kokomville sector in the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, north of Maniwaki. Representatives agreed to a mediation process to begin immediately, headed by persons mandated by the Council. All of the partners intend to contribute to this mediation, where required, to ensure its success.

In recent weeks forestry operations have been interrupted north of the community of Lac-Rapide following the rejection, by certain individuals, of agreements reached by the parties concerning forest resource harvesting activities.

The special representatives also agreed to reaffirm their desire to pursue the objectives of the Trilateral Agreement, namely to reconcile the various uses of natural resources on the territory falling under the scope of the Agreement. Moreover, they have reaffirmed their support for the Council in its efforts to obtain the backing of all members of the Community of Lac-Rapide for the objectives of the Trilateral Agreement and for the harmonization measures agreed to by the parties for 2000-2001.

Chief Harry Wawatie stated: "The Trilateral Agreement is an excellent way for our community to achieve peaceful co-existence with our neighbors over the short, medium and long terms. We hope that all our members, including the Kokomville group, will join us in the pursuit of this objective. "

The situation is being monitored closely by the special representatives, and other meetings will be held as necessary.

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