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Québec, October 23, 2001 -The Prime Minister of Québec, Mr. Bernard Landry, took advantage of the signing of an historic agreement in principle between Québec and the Cree to announce the creation of a special Departmental Committee, specifically for Northern Québec. The Committee will be chaired by Mr. Guy Chevrette, Minister of Transport, Minister for Native Affairs, Minister responsible for Wildlife and Parks and Minister responsible for the Northern Québec region. Mr. Chevrette will be assisted in his duties by the MNA for Ungava and Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister, Mr. Michel Létourneau.

"The agreement reached this morning will ensure long-term secure access to the natural resources of the territory and will create a favourable climate for development and job creation. Mr. Chevrette and his colleagues will have the mandate to promote economic benefits and create sustainable partnerships among the region’s populations, in continuance of the Northern Québec Development Policy, adopted by the government last spring", stated Mr. Landry.

"This agreement is good news for Northern Québec. Not only does it signal the resumption of hydro-electric development in this territory, but it also dispels the doubts around development of the forestry resources in James Bay. This represents a great potential for development in the region", added Mr. Létourneau, MNA for the region.

"I am confident that the people of James Bay and the Cree will be able to cooperate fully, for their mutual benefit. In a spirit of equity for the populations who reside on the same territory, I wish to promote the establishment of partnerships throughout the region, namely through the participation of representatives of the James Bay people on the Cree-Québec Council on Forestry," stated Mr. Chevrette in conclusion.

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