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Modernisation of the State and Decentralization

The Government of Québec signs the Sivunirmut Agreement on block funding with the Kativik Regional Government

Québec, March 31, 2004 – Mr. Benoît Pelletier, Minister for Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs and Native Affairs, as well as Mr. Johnny N. Adams, President of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG), and Ms. Ina Gordon, Secretary of the KRG, today signed, on the premises of Maison du Nunavik in Québec, the Sivunirmut Agreement, which means “Toward the Future” in inuktitut and concerns block funding of the Kativik Regional Government.

This decision is in keeping with the willingness of the Government of Québec to entrust the regions with greater responsibilities allowing them to take charge of their development. Having a duration of twenty-three (23) years, the agreement seeks to simplify the transfer to the KRG of public funds that have been already committed. It follows the Sanarrutik Agreement, signed in April 2002, which established a partnership between Québec and the Inuit on economic and community development.

After two years of dialogue, the conclusion of the agreement allows this Inuit organization to increase its management autonomy, henceforth enabling it to allocate the sums that it is entrusted with according to its own priorities, while carrying out the stipulated mandates. The KRG will thus be able to be more efficient in the delivery of services allowing it to meet the needs of Nunavik residents. Block funding brings together in a single budget envelope totaling $27.5 million, the sums from the programs of six departments and agencies of the Government of Québec. This amount will be indexed annually according to the growth of Nunavik’s population and the evolution, per person, of Québec’s program expenditures.

“This agreement consolidates the partnership relationship that has existed for several years with the KRG, which is well placed to provide services to the population of Nunavik. It is a tangible example of the State’s modernization which should lead to the acceptance of greater responsibility by citizens. Today, Québec is taking, with Nunavik, another step towards its decentralization objective, the effect of which will be to make the regions more prosperous,” emphasized Minister Pelletier.

“After six years of hard work, the elected members of the Kativik Regional Government are now able to allocate the funding according to the priorities of our region. The signing of the Sivunirmut Agreement is another step in the implementation of the provisions of the Sanarrutik Agreement,” added Mr. Adams.


Damir Croteau
Press secretary
Office of Minister Benoît Pelletier
(418) 646-5950

Larry Watt
Director of communications
Kativik Regional Government
(819) 964-2961

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