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Minister Geoffrey Kelley announces that Québec will define a policy for consulting the Aboriginal peoples

Québec, July 4, 2005 – Mr. Geoffrey Kelley, Minister for Native Affairs, announces that the Government of Québec will draw up a policy to consult the Aboriginal peoples, with their participation. The goal of the policy is to adjust the consultation practices of the Government of Québec to ensure that they take into account the rights and interests of the Aboriginal peoples, in accordance with the recent Haïda and Taku River rulings. With this new policy, it will be possible to establish rules that will make the management of territory development projects more efficient, to support jobs and the economy in the regions, and to promote the creation of sustainable partnerships with the Aboriginal peoples.

According to Minister Kelley, “the development of such a policy will mark an important turning point in the relations that Québec has with the Aboriginal peoples. We want to establish a framework that will clarify the scope of the consultation, the time and the period during which it will be held, as well as the various stakeholders involved in the consultation process.”

In the upcoming weeks, the Government of Québec will appoint a special representative who will coordinate a working group having as its mandate to propose, as soon as possible, a policy that meets the requirements laid down by the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition to Aboriginal representatives, the working group will be made up of representatives of the Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones, the Ministère de la Justice, the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune, the Ministère des Transports as well as the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs.

“The involvement of several departments to define this policy is in itself remarkable. It shows all the importance that the Government of Québec places on this initiative, which will make it possible to find a solution adapted to the participation of Aboriginal communities in the development of the regions. Preliminary discussions have been held with Mr. Ghislain Picard, Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Québec and Labrador,” concluded the minister.


Kevin Dobie
Press secretary
Office of Minister Geoffrey Kelley
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