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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
Socioeconomic Forum of the First Nations

Minister Geoffrey Kelley calls on the members of civil society
to mobilize

Québec City, April 26, 2006—At the official launching of the Socioeconomic Forum of the First Nations, which was held today in Québec, Mr. Geoffrey Kelley, Minister for Native Affairs, called on the members of civil society to mobilize. “Elected members and social, economic and cultural partners need to join in the discussions and reflections surrounding the preparations of the Forum,” stated the Minister.

The Socioeconomic Forum of the First Nations fits in perfectly with the vision and the action priorities of the Government of Québec. Already in October 2004, Québec Premier Jean Charest supported the holding of such a forum. “The Socioeconomic Forum of the First Nations is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to strengthen the relationships that unite the Aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities of Québec. This event will help identify lasting solutions that will improve the living conditions of the First Nations and will offer a better future to Aboriginal youth,” pointed out the Premier.

The Forum will deal with four main themes, namely the economy and jobs; health, social services and services for children; culture and education, as well as infrastructures and sustainable community development. Sectoral committees will be holding sessions in May on each of these themes. Representatives of the First Nations, the Government of Québec and the federal government will be participating in these sessions to prepare the Forum’s discussions.

“The partners of Québec civil society need to mobilize and make known their social partnership ideas to promote development that is sustainable and profitable for all communities,” concluded Minister Kelley.

To obtain information on the work in progress, consult the Forum’s web site at, or contact the Forum’s secretariat at 418 847-2662.


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