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Financial assistance program for the reception and integration
of Aboriginal students into college studies

The Québec government is investing over $735,000 in 16 colleges throughout the province

Québec City, January 25, 2016. — The Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research, François Blais, and the Minister responsible for Native Affairs, Geoffrey Kelley, announced today that financial assistance in the amount of $737 375 is being allocated to foster the integration, perseverance and academic achievement of Aboriginal students in 16 colleges throughout Québec during the 2015-2016 academic year.

“It is essential that the Québec government provide Aboriginal students with the best possible conditions for learning, thereby facilitating their successful transition to college and, if they so wish, to university as well. This financial assistance will enable the colleges to improve their range of services and foster Aboriginal student success,” said Minister Blais.

The financial assistance announced today is being provided under the terms of the Financial assistance program for the reception and integration of Aboriginal students into college studies. This will make it possible to offer Aboriginal students a wide range of services, including instructional support, socio-cultural activities, the adaptation of learning content and support for integration (see the amounts allocated for each project in the Appendix to this document).

Minister Kelley met with Aboriginal students and college staff during a recent visit to John Abbott College. “Today, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the Aboriginal students who will be directly affected by this program. These young people are an invaluable asset to society, and this program will help them reach their full potential. By more effectively meeting their needs, we will give them more opportunities to build a future that lives up to their expectations,” Minister Kelley stated.

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