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The government’s Aboriginal social development action plan

The Québec government consults the Aboriginal communities

Québec City, January 25, 2017 – One hundred participants are assembling today and tomorrow in Québec City for the launching of the consultation of the partners with a view to elaborating an initial government Aboriginal social development action plan intended to propose new measures aimed at enhancing the living conditions of the Aboriginal peoples. To ensure better coordination, the action plan will assemble the government measures already implemented. The Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones will coordinate the elaboration of the action plan, which will stem from collaboration between Québec government departments and bodies.

“With the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund (AIF), the Québec government is already supporting economic and community development projects in First Nations and Inuit communities. Today, with the elaboration of an initial social development action plan, we wish to establish an important new milestone in the relationship between the government and the Aboriginal population. The consultations will afford an opportunity to discuss with Aboriginal representatives to jointly pinpoint how to pool our efforts to act more efficiently and in a more concerted manner, but also to determine which practical measures might be implemented to enhance the quality of life of the First Nations and the Inuit,” Minister responsible for Native Affairs Geoffrey Kelley said.

Among the key partners invited to speak are Aboriginal chiefs, the mayors of Northern villages, and representatives of Aboriginal political and community organizations.

“The elaboration of the future action plan is an important step in the acknowledgement of the needs of the Aboriginal nations. We wish to introduce a new approach based on closer collaboration between the government partners and broader recognition of the cultural and social realities of the Inuit and the First Nations in the elaboration of public policies. This innovative approach will maximize spinoff from government measures and produce public services better matched to the specific needs of the Aboriginal peoples. Our ultimate objective is to achieve a tangible improvement in the quality of service delivery to Aboriginal citizens,” Minister Kelley concluded.

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