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Over $144 million allocated to improve the quality of life for First Nations and Inuit

The Government of Quebec reaffirms its commitment to “Do More, Do Better”

Quebec City, April 5, 2018 – The Government of Quebec has just tabled its 2018-2019 budget, which includes a number of important measures to provide direct assistance to First Nations and Inuit populations and communities. This new funding will involve a multi-pronged investment of over $144 million, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for Indigenous peoples.

The Minister responsible for Native Affairs, Geoffrey Kelley, noted that these investments will respond to social and cultural development needs and improve infrastructure.


“The Québec government is determined to improving the quality of life for Indigenous peoples, both in communities and in urban settings. We are firmly committed to do more and do better, each and every year, for First Nations and Inuit peoples. The 2017-2022 Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of First Nations and Inuit and the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund are key vehicles that will advance this cause and help us to fulfill our pledge. I believe that working closely with other levels of government and Indigenous chiefs and leaders is fueling our collective hope of seeing our reconciliation effort bear fruit. Together, we will pursue these efforts, so that Indigenous peoples can live and grow in healthy, safe, welcoming communities, and have access to services which meet their needs and are adapted to their cultural realities.”

Geoffrey Kelley, Minister responsible for Native Affairs


  • The budget allocates $14.4 million to offer assistance in eradicating domestic and family violence in a manner that is adapted to the realities of First Nations and Inuit peoples;
  • The budget also makes significant investments to renew and increase funding for Indigenous police services to ensure that Quebec funds these services at an equivalent level to the funding provided by the federal government, with a view to ensuring that the environments in which Indigenous peoples live are safe and secure;
  • $25 million will be invested so that Indigenous communities can play a larger role in the territorial development of wildlife and forests;
  • Improving conditions in Nunavik is also front and centre in this budget. An investment of $42 million over five years will be devoted to housing assistance, $15 million of which is intended for the construction of 45 private housing units, and approximately $22 million for the construction of three warehouses that will be of great benefit to the housing project during the construction phase. Substantial investments were also announced for the construction of a new addiction treatment centre, so that services can be consolidated in Nunavik, as well as for the extension of the Agreement on the Financing of Measures to Reduce the Cost of Living in Nunavikand a contribution to the cleaning of hazardous waste storage sites in the 14 northern villages.

Lastly, the Government of Quebec will follow with interest DestiNations, a culture and tourism project that will need the support of the Governments of Quebec and Canada and the City of Montreal

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