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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones

Community action

This $5 million financial assistance budget has been put at the disposal of Aboriginal community organizations. It is in keeping with the Plan d’action gouvernemental en matière d’action communautaire (Government action plan in the community action field). The objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • contribute to improving the socioeconomic conditions of the Aboriginal peoples;
  • support the development of services intended for the Aboriginal peoples;
  • recognize and promote the action of Aboriginal community organizations;
  • provide financial support to Aboriginal community organizations.

A. Eligible organizations

In order to be eligible, an Aboriginal community organization must have the following characteristics:

  • be non-profit;
  • be rooted in the Aboriginal community;
  • have an associative and democratic life;
  • be free to determine its mission, its approaches, its practices and its orientations;
  • be directed by a board of directors that is independent of the public network.

B. Eligible expenses

Eligible general expenses must be related:

  • to the occupation of premises;
  • to office material;
  • to the technological infrastructure;
  • to other expenses deemed reasonable.

Staff expenses associated with basic operations and with the alternative services of the Aboriginal community organization. Expenses related to the fulfillment of the social mission of the Aboriginal community organization, concerning notably:

  • the education in the exercise of rights and the collective defence of rights;
  • associative life as well as concertation and representation activities;
  • support for and supervision of volunteer action;
  • popular education.

C. Conditions imposed on the proponent

In order to be eligible, a community organization must submit to the Secrétariat aux affaires autochtone (SAA) the following information:

  • an instrument of incorporation (charter);
  • the statutes and general by-laws ratified at a general assembly and which are in effect;
  • an activity report or the annual report of the active community organization;
  • the financial report and the budget forecasts for the funding period;
  • any other document deemed relevant by the SAA.

D. Determining of the financial assistance

The financial assistance granted will take the form of a grant to help the organization fulfill its mission in the community action field. The amount of the grant will be determined according to the needs clearly demonstrated by the organization and the financial resources available to the SAA.

E. Conditions of payment and reporting

All authorized projects will be the subject of a multi-year funding agreement between the eligible organization and the gouvernement du Québec. The project to be carried out, the conditions for the payment of the financial assistance granted and the commitments of the parties will have to be clearly defined in the agreement. Moreover, this agreement will provide for a reporting process.

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