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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones

Loan guarantees

This $5 million budget is earmarked for loan guarantees for the Aboriginal peoples of Québec. The objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • establish conditions that promote the emergence of the economic development of the Aboriginal peoples;
  • create and develop businesses in an Aboriginal setting;
  • promote the creation and consolidation of jobs in an Aboriginal setting;
  • allow current and potential Aboriginal entrepreneurs to have access to conventional sources of financing.

A. Eligible organizations

  • The communities of the Aboriginal nations recognized by the Québec National Assembly
  • Non-profit Aboriginal organizations or their equivalent
  • Profit-oriented Aboriginal organizations or their equivalent

B. Elibible projects

In order to be eligible, a project must have a positive effect on the consolidation of existing assets and the economic development of the Aboriginal community or the region considered. Moreover, it must meet several of the following criteria:

  • be limited and likely to respond to specific or cyclical situations;
  • be a pilot project and be innovative;
  • have a structuring effect for the Aboriginal community or region considered;
  • be geared to job creation;
  • serve as a driving force;
  • ensure the influence of the Aboriginal community or the region;
  • demonstrate the profitability and viability of the business;
  • improve the living environment of the Aboriginal community.

C. Eligible expenses

All expenses related to the creation, expansion and consolidation of a business are eligible.

D. Project selection criteria

Generally, the aim of every intervention related to loan guarantees must be:

  • the creation, expansion or consolidation of a business;
  • a leverage effect or a driving force in the development field;
  • the creation or consolidation of jobs for the Aboriginal peoples;
  • the obtaining, for the business, of conditions that are equal to or below those of the market;
  • the profitability and viability of the business.

E. Conditions imposed on the proponent

The proponent must demonstrate the financial needs to be met and submit to the Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones (SAA) a business plan including, among other things, the following information:

  • the justification of its financial needs and the relevance of resorting to a loan guarantee;
  • the place where the project will be carried out;
  • the breakdown of the expenses and of the funding of the project, including the itemized list of other anticipated sources of funding;
  • the project’s beneficial effects on the Aboriginal community or the region;
  • the steps taken to support the project;
  • the three-year operating budget forecast.

F. Determining of the financial assistance

The financial assistance granted must take the form of a loan guarantee to support economic development projects. The Gouvernement du Québec will guarantee a loan for an amount representing 50% of the cost of the project, up to a maximum of $100,000, barring exceptions. The loan will be guaranteed for a maximum period of five years. However, a proponent could obtain afterwards, in the form of a grant, an amount representing up to 5% of the loan guarantee, if it can meet certain conditions specified in the loan guarantee agreement.

For the purposes of calculating the amount of the financial contribution granted by the Gouvernement du Québec or its government corporations, the loan guarantees will be evaluated at 3% of the sum guaranteed.

In order to encourage partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, the projects submitted by Aboriginal proponents will all be considered as being 100% eligible, if these proponents hold effective control over their business and possess more than 50% of the shares in the business. If such is not the case, the amount of the financial assistance granted by the Gouvernement du Québec will correspond to the percentage of the shares that the Aboriginal proponents will hold.

G. Conditions of application and reporting

All authorized projects will be the subject of a loan guarantee agreement between the eligible organization and the Gouvernement du Québec. The project to be carried out, the conditions of the loan guarantee and the commitments of the parties will have to be clearly defined in the agreement. Moreover, this agreement will provide for a reporting process.

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