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General application framework of the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund II

The Aboriginal Initiatives Fund II (AIF II) is made up of five different budgets, the management of which has been entrusted to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs: economic development, loan guarantees, community infrastructure, community action and consultation.

The main objective of the AIF II is to support Aboriginal social, economic and community development. To this end, the AIF II will provide financial support to promising projects with potential for major spin-offs and growth generation.

  • Funding from the AIF II is complementary to other sources of provincial or federal government support. The role of the AIF II must be clearly understood as being complementary to the role of other government stakeholders, to allow Aboriginals to materialize their projects. The AIF II will not fund projects that would interfere with or duplicate existing responsibilities, programs or services.
  • Projects submitted under the framework of the AIF II must be funded on a priority basis by the existing programs of the federal government as well as those of Gouvernement du Québec departments and agencies.
  • The AIF II may be used only to fund those projects that no other program can fund and, as the case may be, those projects requiring additional financial assistance not available under existing programs.

In this context, in order for the funding to be authorized within the framework of the AIF II, generally speaking, an important part of the funding must be assumed by the community, proponent, federal government or any other partner. The proponent must demonstrate its financial need and provide the Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones—and relevant Aboriginal authorities, if applicable—with a business plan including, among other things, the following information:

  • The issue explaining and justifying the financial need and the relevance of resorting to the funding budget;
  • The place where the project will be carried out;
  • The breakdown of the costs and funding of the project, including an itemized list of the other anticipated sources of funding;
  • The advantages associated with the project;
  • The steps taken to support the project, and a demonstration of how the assistance being sought is needed in order to carry out the project;
  • A three-year budget forecast.

Lastly, to be eligible for AIF II funding, an expense must be incurred after the date on which the application for financial assistance is submitted. No project will be approved by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs until such time as the financing plan has been completed, including, where such is the case, the financial participation of the federal government.

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