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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones


  • The purpose of the agreement is to establish the conditions for ensuring co-operation between the parties in matters related to the following aspect of the administration of justice in the territory of Kahnawake: a mediation system, justices of the peace, civil marriages.
  • The parties will cooperate in setting up a mediation system in Kahnawake that will deal with family affairs, youth matters and civil disputes. Québec will make a financial contribution to a design study for such a system and cooperate in a program agreed to by the parties for the continuing training of the persons selected to be mediators.
  • The parties may agree to select one or two candidates for appointment as justices of the peace with extended powers (with respect to offences prosecuted by summary conviction) and determine the training that they require before they are appointed. Québec and Kahnawake will each bear some of the cost of this measure.
  • The parties agree that persons, mutually agreed upon, may be designated to solemnize civil marriages in Kahnawake.
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