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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones

Schedule 2

Joint Inquiry

1. When a party believes that a particular special product, or a category of special products is supplied in the Territory at a retail price which is substantially lower than the retail price of similar goods in the region surrounding the Territory, it can cause an inquiry to be set up to examine the situation.

2. The inquiry shall be carried out by appointees from each party, acting jointly.

3. The sole purpose of the inquiry shall be to establish the retail price effectively paid in the Territory and in the surrounding region, and make a report thereof to the Liaison Committee.

Examination by the Office

4. If the Liaison Committee finds that there is effectively a substantial difference in the retail price of similar goods in the Territory and in the surrounding region, the Office shall conduct an examination of the reasons which explain the lower price in the Territory.

5. The Office shall, within 15 days, make a report of its findings to the Liaison Committee.

Recommendation by the Liaison Committee

6. The Liaison Committee shall determine whether the retail price difference contravenes section 13 of the Agreement and, if so, shall make recommendations to remedy the situation.

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