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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones

Community of Kawawachikamach
Naskapi Nation

Key socioeconomic indicators

Total population*: 962 including 768 residents

Administrative region: Côte-Nord

Labour market**:

  • labour force participation rate1: 47,2 %
  • unemployment rate2: 20,6 %
  • employment rate3: 37,5 %


  • % of income from transfers: 26,2
  • mean income of individuals: 21,629 $

* Register of bénéficiaires cris, inuits et naskapis du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (2006)

**Census of Statistics Canada (2006)

General objective

Reduce the difference in development between Aboriginal communities and Québec as a whole

The Community Well-Being Index (CWB) incorporates four components: schooling, active population, income and housing. The values may range from 0 to 1, one being the highest value.

In 2006 :

  • the Community Well-Being Index was 0.54
  • the Index of other Québec communities was 0.75

Specific objectives

Put in place conditions promoting economic development initiatives:

the percentage of sums devoted to economic development at the end of the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund (AIF) was 99,9 %

the target to be achieved at the end of the AIF II is $1,020,000

Create and develop businesses:

the number of businesses created or consolidated at the end of the AIF was 4

Create and consolidate jobs:

the number of jobs created or consolidated at the end of the AIF was 12

Foster the emergence of entrepreneurship among women and young people:

The percentage of economic development projects in which women and young people took part at the end of the AIF is not available

1 The participation rate is the ratio between labor force (those who are either employed or unemployed) and total population in working age (i.e. persons who are at least 15 years old).

2 The unemployment rate is the ratio between unemployed population and labor force. Note that to be considered "unemployed", a person must be at least 15 years old, do not have a job and actively searches for one.

3 The employment rate shows the ratio between employed population and population in working age (persons who are at least 15 years old).

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