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Agreements entered into

Since the establishment of the orientations of 1998, the Gouvernement du Québec has signed several agreements with aboriginal communities or nations. This main involves bipartite agreements (Québec / Aboriginal peoples) or tripartite agreements ( Québec / Canada /Aboriginal peoples).

Agreements between Québec and Aboriginal people

  • In the statement of understanding and mutual respect, the community and the government undertake to favour the path of discussion and negotiation with a view to establishing a harmonious and lasting relationship.
  • The framework agreement is a general mould within the context of which agreements in various sectors of common interest will eventually be reached.
  • Sector-based agreements concern various sectors of common interest, including economic development, taxation, public security, justice, hunting and fishing.
  • A specific agreement allows the signatory community to have access to the Aboriginal Development Fund or the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund, which are used to finance socioeconomic development projects.

Agreements between Québec, Canada and the Aboriginal people

  • Self-government agreements governing the terms and conditions for the exercise and functioning of aboriginal self-government.
  • Comprehensive territorial agreements have a vast scope and may concern numerous questions such as land titles, fishing and trapping rights, financial compensation measures, as well as self-government.
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